Depending on the chosen product, different payment methods are possible.

Continuous subscription: SEPA Direct Debit (direct debit), Credit card or PayPal
Prepaid / block packages: iDeal, PayPal, GiroPay, Belfius, Mistercash, Mastercard, Visa, Sofort, KBC and Paysafecard
Yes, your account will be active within minutes.
If you have opted for automatic renewal, the subscription will be renewed for the same period unless stated otherwise. If you opted for a prepaid package, you will have to renew it manually.
You can upgrade your product yourself to a higher speed. Via 'Product & Payment' you can upgrade the current product yourself. The price difference for the remaining period is calculated automatically. We use a minimum amount of € 2.50
If you have a continuous subscription, you can cancel it online via our 'Products & Payments' page in MYXSNEWS. If the subscription has been canceled, this will be stated on the same page. We also send a confirmation by e-mail to the e-mail address known to us. If you already have another e-mail address, please change it in your profile first.
If a payment fails, our system will send a link by e-mail to make the payment. You can also log in to MYXSNEWS. You will immediately see the screen to complete the payment. Once the payment has been made the account will be reactivated immediately.
We will send a reminder 30 days in advance that your credit card will expire. This will give you time to update this information in MYXSNEWS to your new credit card. If you do not have a new credit card, you can change it to another payment method such as SEPA Direct Debit or PayPal.


You can click on 'forgot password?' via our login page. click to request your data.
You can change the password via your profile page on our website. Note! You will also have to change this in your download program.
We have a number of requirements that a password must meet:
- At least 1 lowercase letter [a-z]
- At least 1 capital letter [A-Z]
- Minimum 1 digit [0-9]
- At least 1 symbol [! @ # ^ & * () + _ ,. {}? -]
- Minimum 8 characters
Once you have clicked on our auto-login link, it will continue to work for 1 hour. If you set a new password or log out, it will expire immediately.


You can connect to our XS News servers with the hostname: reader.xsnews.nl
The number of threads differs per package.
You can connect on the standard port 119 and on port 80. For SSL you can use port 563.

Error messages

You no longer have an active package on your account. Therefore you also get the error message that the account has expired. Via MYXSNEWS you can place a new order on the current account. You can then immediately use our service again.
Your account has been blocked and therefore you can no longer connect to our servers. Please contact our helpdesk.
You have used up all the credit of your block package. Via MYXSNEWS you can place a new order on your account. After that you can use your account again.
Account sharing is not allowed. Since the account is active elsewhere, you cannot connect.
You are using too many connections. Reduce the number of connections to what is allowed with the subscription. If you are using multiple programs, you will have to divide the number of connections.
Your information entered is incorrect. Please check your information or request it via MYXSNEWS on our website.
The file you are trying to download has been deleted due to copyright violation. Or it could be that the file has yet to be uploaded and is therefore not available yet.
The error code 502 is not an error code from XS News. But this means that you want to connect to another usenet platform. Please check your settings and change them to XS News.

Socket error

Your newsreader may be blocked by your firewall / virus scanner.

What to try:
- Make sure your newsreader has sufficient system rights to make connections to the internet.
- Check with your antivirus / firewall program if your newsgroups program is being blocked.
Something is technically wrong. This may be due to your newsreader itself.

What to try:
- Reinstall the newsreader
- Try another newsreader
There is no stable internet connection available. Check your internet connection.
The reason for this error corresponds to the explanation under the heading 'Socket Error: 10050 (network is down)'.

What to try:
- Make sure your virus scanner / firewall is not blocking the newsreader
- Check if your DNS settings are correct
Your newsreader has tried to connect to our service, but it was unsuccessful. This usually happens when there are problems between your computer and the internet. We recommend that you contact our support department if this message persists.
The connection was closed by us when you tried to connect. This usually happens because you entered the wrong port. If in doubt, please contact our support department.
Your newsreader cannot convert the hostname 'reader.xsnews.nl' to an IP address. When you get this error, please check if the hostname in your newsgroup program is equal to 'reader.xsnews.nl'. Also check that your DNS settings are correct.
Your newsreader cannot convert the hostname 'reader.xsnews.nl' to an IP address. The reason for this error message corresponds to the explanation under the heading 'Socket Error: 10062 (Cannot translate name)' .
Your newsreader cannot convert the hostname 'reader.xsnews.nl' to an IP address. The reason for this error message corresponds to the explanation under the heading 'Socket Error: 10062 (Cannot translate name)' .