XS News Usenet Provider

XS News is a Usenet provider which enables all her customers to use Usenet without any restrictions on transfer speed. Simplicity and quality are the most important values of XS News. These values are present throughout the entire scope of our services. A subscription with XS News will give our users the following benefits:

Unlimited access and unlimited speed.

XS News does not have any data limits or speed restrictions. All our subscriptions will enable you to access usenet without any traffic limit and because of our fast connections with the main networks we can always provide the maximum speed. This is why users of our Elite subscription can reach speeds up to 120 Mbit; that’s ~14 MB per second. XS News is the only usenet provider in the world who can offer this! Through the larger amount of threads a subscriber is able to use our service more smoothly; for instance by simultaneously transfering binaries and headers.

Retention & completion.

Our storage capacity enables us to offer more than 877+ days of retention on all our 200.000+ newsgroups. Because of our top 10 listing in the top 1000 of peering partners we can offer a completion of over 99.5%.

Free 5 day trial period & immediate access.

With all our subscriptions you will receive a once-only 5 trial days for FREE. This way everybody can discover how good XS News is! Our payment methods enable all users to use our service immediately. At XS News a subscriber does not have to wait until we have received your payment; your account will be activated within 15 minutes!

First class support

On various Usenet forums XS News is praised for its good and personal support. This is because, amongst other things, XS News is the only usenet provider that offers support from 10.00 hrs. in the morning until 03.00 hrs. at night, 7 days a week. Of all received e-mails 90% is handled within 4 hours.